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General guidance

The equipment that is listed on PlantCranes.com is for informational and guidance purposes only and is offered for sale by the owner. Whilst every effort has been made by us to provide accurate information, errors may occur.

Before purchasing any equipment on PlanetCranes.com, you are strongly advised to confirm all details with the seller, including specification, condition, location, price and all other factors involved in your purchasing process. We recommend that you instigate a physical inspection of all equipment prior to purchase.

PlanetCranes.com accepts no responsibility in respect of any transactions carried out, and is not a party to any such transactions. For the avoidance of doubt, PlanetCranes.com offers no warranty given expressed or implied whatsoever in respect of any equipment listed.

How our platform works

PlanetCranes.com is a platform designed to introduce buyers and sellers of cranes, trucks, construction equipment, attachments, parts and any manner of industrial machinery. Information on all equipment listed is provided by the seller and in most cases uploaded to the platform by the seller. All terms of sale including price are negotiated between the buyer and seller and do not involve PlanetCranes.com.

Sellers are expected to identify themselves correctly on PlanetCranes.com and provide information that is accurate and not misleading. Buyer and seller can communicate via the platform, but are encouraged (by us) to communicate directly whilst processing transactions. Sellers are forbidden to charge for any information they provide to potential buyers, and are expected to be in a position to pass good title to the goods listed at the price listed if applicable.

PlanetCranes.com reserves the right to deny access to the web site to any person without giving reason, and to remove any data on the site it deems to be incorrect or inappropriate.

Equipment listed as POA – means price on application to the seller. If prices are listed by sellers on PlanetCranes.com these will be for the goods only, buyers must satisfy themselves as to additional charges that may be relevant to any transaction such as (but not limited to) local sales tax, finance and charges, documentation or regulatory charges, haulage, freight and repair or compliance work requested of the seller. All these charges (and more) if applicable could make up the final selling price of the equipment.

PlanetCranes.com does not verify the information seller’s supply.

Sellers must satisfy themselves as to the validity of any buyer’s identity, and the capability of any buyer to conclude a transaction. PlanetCranes.com accepts no responsibility in any way, shape or form for inconvenience, costs or loss of revenue on the part of either the seller or buyer for transactions that are agreed in any way but not concluded.

Sellers please note that all material and images posted on PlanetCranes.com automatically becomes our property, and we may use it and distribute it for the purpose of marketing as (and when) we feel it is appropriate to do so.

Good practice for good business

We expect all buyers and sellers who use our site to treat each other with decency and respect, and extend each other due common courtesy.

Any seller or buyer suspected of being involved in fraudulent activities will be permanently banned from the web site and reported to the authorities.

We ask that you exercise good judgement, caution, and common sense whilst using our service to either buy or sell equipment – whilst only a guide please read our buying and selling tips, and always carry out a physical inspection of equipment before agreeing to buy, and/or pay.

The PlanetCranes.com team are working hard to continue providing great service, please remember that any misleading, negative or inappropriate actions on your part may reflect on us.

Charges for using PlanetCranes.com

There is no charge to visit the site, or register with us to receive information.

All listings and banner marketing are for a minimum of one month.

Listings and banner marketing on PlanetCranes.com are payable in advance monthly and non-refundable.

At the end of each month, the system will ask you to renew your listing or package, and will remind you via email. Should you proceed your designated card will be charged for the agreed amount. You will receive a number of reminders to renew, if we do not hear from you your listings and / or banners will be removed from the site automatically.

You can contact us at any time to discuss your listings and packages, or for support by using the contact us area. This includes support if you want to change packages.

We strongly recommend you remove equipment from the site once it has been sold.

Listings on PlanetCranes.com are non-refundable and this is regardless of whether or not you sell the equipment.

Your payment cards

PlanetCranes.com and its agents will keep confidential and secure all information you supply to us.

safeguards the confidentiality and security of the information we obtain from you. This is our privacy statement in relation to the collection, security and disclosure of information from credit card transactions only.

We/our agents process information obtained from your payment card for business purposes only. The credit card information provided by you is kept confidential, and only accessed for legitimate business reasons.

Both PlanetCranes.com and/or its agents maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information. Neither PlanetCranes.com or its agents will disclose any nonpublic information about you to any third party whatsoever, other than in compliance with the authorities.

Third party information on our web site

You will find many companies marketing their services on PlanetCranes.com and you will have the opportunity to click through to third party web sites. Whilst we take steps to monitor content, PlanetCranes.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the content of third party adverts on our site, or the content of third party web sites connected to ours. Nor do we accept any responsibility for any loss or damages you may incur as a result of purchases made from third party advertisers on our web site.


Currency exchange rates are provided by a third party www.fixer.io – data is updated daily from the European Central Bank. Sellers and buyers should use this data as a guide only, and make their own enquiries regarding exchange rates prior to transactions.

Please respect our work

PlanetCranes.com has been created for your personal, non-commercial use only. All material including images are the property of PlanetCranes.com and are protected by copyright law domestically and internationally. May we kindly ask you not to distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, or otherwise exploit any of the materials on this site.

Your information

Contact information you supply to us may be used for marketing by us although we will never disclose your details to a third party. Marketing material may be sent to you usually electronically. You can unsubscribe from this at any time.


If you rely on this website for information, products or services available, you do so at your own risk.

BE AWARE there may be delays, omissions, interruptions, inaccuracies, and/or other problems with the information, products, and services on this site.

PlanetCranes.com do not warrant the accuracy of any information available through this website (or any information, goods or services that are referred to, advertised or promoted on, or sold through this website).

Further we cannot guarantee that the website will be error free, or available, or that the website will be free of viruses.



Appropriate & effective marketing

Our aim is to position your stock to our global audience and beyond. To assist this process, please adhere to the following:


Maximum image upload is 20 – we recommend that you use all 20 images with high quality images of your item(s) for sale. Photograph your machine, crane or truck from all 4 corners with nothing in the background, and bear in mind buyers like to see images inside cabins and engine bays.

Please note images containing contact numbers, web addresses or email are not permitted.

Images deemed as inappropriate will be removed from the platform by our moderators.

Recommended image specification 653px width × 555px height


Please complete all the fields during the upload process, and where possible do not use capital letters.

Please enter as much information as you can, and use descriptive terms where possible. For example in the title listing for Komatsu PC210LC-6 list as Komatsu PC210LC-6 excavator.

Please note text containing contact numbers, web addresses or email are not permitted. Our powerful message system will ensure we connect you with buyers, and keep a stored record of all dialogue.

Text deemed as inappropriate will be removed from the platform by our moderators.


Any listings which do not comply with the above guidelines may be removed from the platform by our moderators without prior notification.